Curls Rock!

Finally a Hair Stylist that get its!

Are you blessed with curly hair? 

I understand you must work with it differently.

DevaCut is a revolutionary cutting technique that was design for curls waves and all natural textures. The hair is sculpted curl by curl while dry in its natural state. Curls also need moisture. I support the Deva curl 3- Step Method and I feature Deva Care products: 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone FREE. These products will bring out all your natural curls and they also work great on perms!

How to prepare for a DevaCut?

Please arrive it the salon with your hair de-tangled, dried and in its natural state.

Prior to your appointment its best that your hair hang loosely. Avoid ponytail holder or clips .

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Call Laurie today to schedule an appointment for your Curls!

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